Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. Insurance Adjusters

A Public Adjuster That Will Deliver the Settlement You Deserve.

Would you sell your house without the assistance of a real estate agent? Not likely. You’d hire an agent to represent your interests.
Similarly, it pays to have an experienced public adjuster on your side during your insurance claim negotiations to represent your interests and fight for the settlement you deserve.
In contrast to staff or independent adjusters who assess your claim at insurance companies, public adjusters represent and owe their allegiance to you – the policyholder. Public adjusters represent both people and businesses who have sustained an insured loss they need to recoup from their insurance companies so they receive the settlements they rightfully deserve.

Enter Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc.

Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc is a public adjusting company representing the rights of policyholders who have sustained an insured loss. Headed by Steven B. Sobel CIP, RPA, CFEI, ORMP, a recognized insurance industry authority, the company has an established track record of successfully handling major commercial, industrial and residential property losses.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Sobel Adjusting…

“ When someone has suffered a significant property loss the services of a public adjuster are invaluable. My law firm has been dealing with Sobel Adjusting for many years. I know the company as a well respected licensed public adjusting company which has been in business for more than 5 decades. They have obtained superb results for their clients recovering significantly more than the policyholder would be able to recover without their assistance. They are an excellent firm which levels the playing field between the claimant and the insurance company.”
Alfred M. Kwinter
Prominent Toronto Insurance Lawyer, Singer Kwinter.

“Sobel Adjusting Solutions helps claimants when they have suffered a significant insurance loss. As a public adjuster, Steve Sobel helps to level the playing field between the insured and insurance company. He advocates for the claimant, assists in quantifying the losses and provides tremendous expertise at appraisal. He provides an invaluable service for insured claimants. I would highly recommend Steve Sobel and Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. to anyone who suffers an insurance loss.”
Jason D. Singer B.A., J.D.
Prominent Toronto Insurance Lawyer, Singer Kwinter.

“Sobel Adjusting Solutions played an invaluable role in the amount they recovered from my insurance claim. I owned and operated a Days Inn hotel in Toronto which had an electrical fire in February 2013. Economical Insurance Company offered approximately $225,000 to repair the damages and approximately $420,000 for Business Interruption. Steve Sobel and his team performed a miracle as far as I’m concerned. They put together a team of experts to build and substantiate my claim. It didn’t happen overnight but good results take time. My final settlement was just under $3,000,000.00! This would not have been possible without Sobel Adjusting. Thank you so much Steve for assisting me in this complicated disaster. I definitely recommend your services to anyone that has experienced a property insurance claim of any size.”
Shariff Bahadur, Siljub Investments. (Commercial Fire Loss)

“I am sorry it took so long for me to give thanks to you for assisting me with the fire loss of January 1, 2014.
January 1, 2014 was one of the worst days of my life. A call at 3:00a.m. on New Year’s Eve while on vacation in Florida that my house was burning down. I panicked per the norm and arranged an immediate flight home with on the clothes on my back to be confronted with the total loss of my home of 30 years and contents. Thereafter for approximately six months I tried to deal with the insurance on my own, only to be met with slow erosion of good faith by the insurance company. As luck would have it, an adjuster friend of mine suggested I contact you on how to proceed. I did and from that point forward, you provided me the guidance and a personal and professional touch which resulted in a very fair settlement of my loss two weeks before the prescription period. As a lawyer and a litigation lawyer to boot, I thought I could handle it on my own, but as the saying goes “act on your own and have a fool for a client”. Initially I felt confident in my ability, but as time went on it was clear I was out of my field. Thank goodness for the recommendation that lead me to you and from that point forward you handled my case with the utmost professionalism and your own personal touch. Again I thank you for your assistance and friendship through this time.”
Yours very truly,
Robert G. Wasserman, Wasserman Law Firm (Residential Fire Loss)

“Dear Steve & Brandon, on behalf of the Innisvale Cemetery & Crematorium, we write you to commend you on a job well done and to also share our experience with others who are actively involved in a claim.

On the morning of December 24th 2014, a fire began in one of the Province’s busiest crematoriums. What was initially believed to be a relatively small chimney fire resulted in a total building loss and a claim in excess of $3,500,000. On the day of the fire and with just one phone call to our insurance provider, it was very apparent just how organized and efficient the insurance system was. The fire was not even close to being out but already property restoration specialists were on scene delivering items that would be needed to secure the scene and to begin clean up. Within a short period of time, an adjuster was hired by the insurance company to oversee the claim process. We felt a sense of security as we were being represented by a neutral party who was completely independent of the insurance company. In very early spring, we received a call from Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. Our position at this point in time was a stark contrast to just a couple months before. The honeymoon with the insurance company was well over and any sense of security was gone. We had come to the realization that insurance companies only hire from a pool of adjusting companies that have a solid history of reducing pay out amounts. The very fact that insurance companies control this hiring process is a strong example of a system that is flawed. When we received the call from Sobel Adjusting it was perfectly timed by a company that truly understands the claims process and the frustration that people go through. To summarize our claim, the original scope created that would be used to obtain rebuild quotations was extremely inaccurate from the start. In simple terms, it was not possible for us to rebuild what we had before the fire based on the very document that would be presented to obtain bids. The budget given to us by the insurance company represented a $900,000 shortfall. With Steve and Brandon’s extensive knowledge of the insurance industry, they were extremely successful at eliminating much of that margin. Even after their fees, the value of Sobel Adjusting represented hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional recovery. We do not believe we would have recovered this additional money without their assistance.
Having gone through this 15 month process, it is our opinion that insurance companies are not acting in your best interest. It is not a journey that should be travelled without the knowledge and assistance of an organization that truly understands. Thank you to Steve and Brandon for being our voice when others were not listening.
Stuart Clark, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Innisvale Cemetery & Crematorium (Commercial Fire Loss)

“I hired Sobel Adjusting Solutions after meeting with Mr. Sobel following a fire that devastated our commercial building complex. The Insurer, The Dominion of Canada/Travelers, offered me approximately $2,000,000 to repair our units. Given Mr. Sobel’s decades of expertise working as an Independent and Public Adjuster, he was confident he could prove the offer needed to increase by 30%.
I was thrilled when his team’s efforts resulted in an insurance payout of over $3,600,000 – an increase of over 80%. That was beyond my expectations in terms of indemnification and I was able to rebuild my complex properly. What I appreciated most about working with the entire Sobel Adjusting team was everyone’s ability to keep focused on my needs, work with industry experts on my behalf, cut through typical insurance politics, and ultimately deliver the financial results that were predicted.”
Mr. Tony Wong, President, 732718 Ontario Inc.

“Hi Steve, my family and I would like to thank you for your unconditional support, diligence and patience handling our claim after our fire. At first, TD Insurance seemed very sympathetic but that quickly changed as the value of our loss continued to grow. Had we not hired you we likely would have accepted the insurer’s $234,000.00 offer. Your team’s hard work paid off and we received a total settlement of $449,380.00! You exceeded all of our expectations and we feel so blessed to have had you on our side. Thanks again for everything and share our story with anyone that asks…We do!”
Mumtaz Yakub and Family, Toronto, Ontario

“Originally we hired another insurance adjuster to manage our claim, who was not serving our interests. After switching to Sobel Adjusting, we ended up settling our claim for between one third and one half more than what we would have settled for had we used the first public adjuster. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and shudder to think of the results we would have achieved on our own.”
Tony Guerrera, Perl’s Meats, Toronto,
Ontario (Commercial fire loss).

“The inventory in my clothing business sustained smoke damage because of a fire that occurred at a neighboring property. My insurance company wasn’t acknowledging my claim, so I hired Sobel Adjusting Solutions. Steve is a true professional who started by asking a number questions and making helpful suggestions about my claim including the need to perform detailed laboratory tests of our clothing inventory in order to provide proof of inventory damage. Tests came out positive, and this eventually led to our business receiving a claim settlement that was far better than what we originally hoped for. Without using a professional to represent my business, we wouldn’t have been successful with our insurance claim.”
John Salvati, Salvati Men’s Wear,
Toronto, Ontario (Commercial fire loss).

“Without Sobel, I wasn’t getting anywhere with my insurance company.I first filed my insurance claim in 2006 and ended up giving up on it. My claim remained closed from March 2006 through to early 2008. I then met Steve Sobel through a mutual client and decided to hire him to investigate my closed insurance claim. The first thing I noticed was the level of service Sobel provided me with and how I was kept informed throughout the entire claim process. In the end, I was very, very happy with the claim I received.”
Branko Skrak, Branik Tooling Inc,
Toronto, Ontario (Burglary loss).

“Sobel took all the headaches away for me in dealing with the insurance company”.
Private adjusters are not very well known, but if you’re in an unfortunate situation, I recommend using a private insurance adjuster – and you’ll get good results with Sobel.”
Fernando Ferreira, Connections Bar and Grill, Toronto (Commercial fire loss).