Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. Insurance Adjusters


Public Adjusters With the Experience and Track Record You Can Count On…

Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc is a team of public adjusters founded in 2005 by Steven B. Sobel, a well-respected insurance industry authority. Having worked for large insurance companies as an independent proprietor for many years “on the other side of the fence” representing their interests, Steven decided to shift his focus to defending the rights of individual policyholders.

Possessing a masterful command of the intricacies and nuances of insurance policies and insurance claims negotiations, Steven and his team of expert adjusters represent the rights of policyholders who have sustained an insured loss.

Steven and his expert team of public adjusters are experienced in a variety of claims including fire, water damage, burglary, theft, tornados, and business interruption- both personal and commercial.

To arrange a free no obligation consultation with Steven and his team of public adjusters, call 1-888-888-CLAIMS or 416-975-1991 today.