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How We’re Different

Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. – Adjusting the Balance of Power.

Steven B. Sobel, owner and President of Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. is a 50 year veteran of the insurance industry who understands insurance on a level that few insurance professionals do.

Steven maintains direct involvement with each and every client claim. His expertise is applied to helping all clients receive the insurance settlement they deserve.

Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc has created and cultivated a solid foundation of relationships within the insurance industry, built on trust, mutual respect and a long history of working together; insurance companies respect Sobel’s opinions.

Furthermore, the third party vendors used by Sobel within the claims process – which include accountants, engineers and lawyers – are industry leaders. This mitigates the possibility of insurance companies being able to object to the choices of third party vendors used within claim negotiations, as the vendors also serve as trusted authorities within the insurance industry.

Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. – an insurance adjusting firm equipped to deliver the settlement you deserve.

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