Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. Insurance Adjusters

Our Process

A Public Adjuster With a System Designed to Deliver the Settlement You Deserve.

Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. is a public adjusting firm that follows a time-tested system of insurance adjusting that delivers strong results for clients. “Sobel Adjusting Solutions” four stages of claim management are summarized briefly below.

1. Policy Coverage Assessment

The first and perhaps most vital step is the analysis of the policy provisions and conditions to determine your rights and responsibilities, as well as the obligation(s) of your insurance company.

2. Documentation of Your Claim

As the policyholder, you’re required to prove the full extent of your loss and support the claim with appropriate documentation. Our experienced team of public adjusters will assist you in obtaining exact details of the loss, which may include architectural drawings, photographs, diagrams, engineering reports, detailed cost estimates, and a variety of evaluations, projections and forecasts.

This is one of the most important steps performed by our firm for the policyholders that we represent – and the principal reason why our clients recover the maximum settlement they deserve.

Presentation of Your Claim

After the full extent of your loss has been determined and documented the schedule of loss is prepared, reviewed and presented to the insurance carrier for their examination and approval.

4. Negotiation of Your Settlement

Our expertise in the documentation and presentation of claim(s) gives us the ability to negotiate from a well-defined position. Throughout the management of your claim, our knowledgeable staff will keep you informed every step of the way.

If you have currently suffered an insured loss and would like to discuss your claim in a no obligation free consultation, please call Sobel Adjusting Solutions Inc. at 1-888-888-CLAIMS or 416-975-1991 today.