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Sobel Public Adjusters

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Why You Need A Public Adjuster

Sobel Adjusting exists because there is an inherent conflict of interest when one person or entity attempts to represent two sides of a financial transaction.
Your insurance company hires experts to look out for their financial interests. You should too.

We care about you

To protect the public from copycats, a Public Adjuster requires a license from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and is legally the only type of Insurance Adjuster that can represent you, the policyholder. Our Adjusters are fully licensed and have chosen to use their skills and resources to help the policyholder that suffered the loss rather than assist the insurance company that has to pay for it.
Sobel Public Adjusters

Insurance Claims Adjusting Process

Sobel Adjusting Solutions is a public adjusting firm that follows a time-tested system of insurance adjusting that delivers strong results for clients. Sobel Adjusting Solutions four stages of claim management are summarized briefly below.
Sobel Insurance Claim Adjusting Process 1

Policy Review

Sobel assesses your insurance policy including Conditions, Endorsements, Exclusions, and Limitations to determine your maximum settlement potential
Sobel Insurance Claim Adjusting Process 2

Quantify your loss

Sobel quantifies your loss with the support of industry experts who specialize in insurance claims and countering insurance company’s initial settlement offers
Sobel Insurance Claim Adjusting Process 3

Prepare & Present

In accordance with extensive industry guidelines and protocols, Sobel details and documents your claim for proper submission to the Insurer
Sobel Insurance Claim Adjusting Process 4

Negotiate Your Settlement

Sobel uses integrity, knowledge, and decades of insurance industry experience to provide exceptional claims settlements

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